Songwriter: Austin

with Anastasia Newkirk/Ballard
Left Outside Alone Anastacia   3 Pts: 247
Trick Me Kelis   2 Pts: 167
with Anastacia Newkirk/Ballard
Sick And Tired Anastacia   4 Pts: 81
with Mariah Carey/Jermaine Dupri//Manuel Lonnie Seal
It's Like That Mariah Carey   4 Pts: 84
with Mariah Carey/Jermaine Dupri//Manuel Lonnie Seal/Bristol/Edmunds/Johnson/Su
We Belong Together Mariah Carey   2 Pts: 188
with Gwen Stefani
Cool Gwen Stefani   11 Pts: 38
with Mariah Carey/Jermaine Dupri/Cox//John/Ingram/Tony Swain/Steve Jolley
Get Your Number/Shake It Off Mariah Carey   9 Pts: 50
with Mariah Carey/Jermaine Dupri/Cox
Don't Forget About Us Mariah Carey   11 Pts: 20
Ugly Sugababes   3 Pts: 66
with Sugababes
Push The Button Sugababes   1 Pts: 316

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