Songwriter: Will Adams

with Allan Pineda/Jaime Gomez/Justin Timberlake/Michael Fratantuno/George Pajon Jr/Printz Board
Where Is The Love? Black Eyed Peas 06 Sep 2003 1 Pts: 481
with Jaime Gomez/J. Curtis/George Pajon Jr
Shut Up Black Eyed Peas 06 Dec 2003 2 Pts: 100
with Henry
Hey Mama Black Eyed Peas   6 Pts: 58
with Board/GeorgePajon Jr/Full Force
Don't Phunk With My Heart Black Eyed Peas   3 Pts: 125
with Jaime Gomez/Allan Pineda/Ferguson/Peters/Peters/Walters
Don't Lie Black Eyed Peas   6 Pts: 66
with Payton
My Humps Black Eyed Peas   3 Pts: 128

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