Each Time Writers: Brian Harvey/John Hendy/Terry Coldwell/Reid/Beckford/Reid 07 Nov 1998 E-17
Each Time You Break My Heart Writers: Madonna Ciccone/Stephen Bray 01 Nov 1986 Nick Kamen
Early In The Morning Writers: Bobby Darin/Woody Harris 23 Aug 1958 Buddy Holly
Early In The Morning Writers: Mike Leander/Edward Seago 19 Jul 1969 Vanity Fair
Early To Bed Writers: 04 Apr 1959 Poni-Tails
Earth Angel Writers: Curtis Williams 09 Apr 1955 Crew Cuts
Earth Dies Screaming/Dream A Lie Writers: UB40// 25 Oct 1980 UB40
Earth Moving Writers: 22 Jul 1989 Mike Oldfield
Earth Song Writers: Michael Jackson 02 Dec 1995 Michael Jackson
Easy Writers: Lionel Richie 25 Jun 1977 Commodores
Easy Going Me Writers: Lionel Bart 22 Apr 1961 Adam Faith
Easy Lover Writers: Philip Bailey/Phil Collins/Nathan East 02 Mar 1985 &
Eat You Alive Writers: Limp Bizkit 20 Sep 2003 Limp Bizkit
Ebb Tide Writers: Carl Sigman/Robert Maxwell 06 Feb 1954 Frank Chacksfield
Ebb Tide Writers: Robert Maxwell/Carl Sigman 15 Jan 1966 Righteous Brothers
Ebeneezer Goode Writers: Colin Angus/Richard West 29 Aug 1992 Shamen
Ebony And Ivory Writers: Paul McCartney 03 Apr 1982 &
Ebony Eyes/Walk Right Back Writers: John D. Loudermilk//Sonny Curtis 04 Feb 1961 Everly Brothers
E-Bow The Letter Writers: Bill Berry/Peter Buck/Mike Mills/Michael Stipe 24 Aug 1996 REM
Echo Beach Writers: Mark Gane 23 Feb 1980 Martha & The Muffins
Ecuador Writers: Thomas Alisson/Ralf Kappmeier/Sasha Lappessen 28 Jun 1997 &
Edelweiss Writers: Richard Rodgers/Oscar Hammerstein II 04 Feb 1967 Vince Hill
Edge Of Heaven Writers: George Michael 14 Jun 1986 Wham!
Egyptian Reggae Writers: Jonathan Richman 22 Oct 1977 Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
Eighteen Strings Writers: Paul Dakeyne/Tommy Boyce/Tommy Hart 13 Aug 1994 Tinman
Eighteen With A Bullet Writers: Peter Wingfield 21 Jun 1975 Pete Wingfield
Eighth Day Writers: Hazel O'Connor 09 Aug 1980 Hazel O'Connor
Einstein A Go-Go Writers: John Walters/Richard Burgess/Christopher Heaton/Andrew Pask/Peter Thomas 21 Feb 1981 Landscape
El Paso Writers: Marty Robbins 23 Jan 1960 Marty Robbins
Elected Writers: Alice Cooper/Michael Bruce/Glen Buxton/Dennis Dunaway 30 Sep 1972 Alice Cooper
Election Day Writers: Roger Taylor/Nick Rhodes/Simon Le Bon 19 Oct 1985 Arcadia
Electric Writers: Chambers/Adams   Lisa Scott-Lee
Electric Avenue Writers: Edmund Grant 15 Jan 1983 Eddy Grant
    02 Jun 2001 &
Electric Boogaloo Writers: 02 Mar 1985 Ollie & Jerry
Electrical Storm Writers: Paul Hewson [=Bono]/David Evans [=The Edge]/Larry Mullen Jr/Adam Clayton 26 Oct 2002 U2
Electricity Writers: Brett Anderson/Richard Oakes/Neil Codling 17 Apr 1999 Suede
Electricity Writers: Elton John/Hall   Elton John
Elegantly American EP Writers: 10 Sep 1994 M-People
Elenore Writers: Howard Kaylan/Mark Volman/Al Nichol/John Barbata/Jim Pons 26 Oct 1968 Turtles
Elephant Stone Writers: John Squire/Ian Brown 24 Feb 1990 Stone Roses
Elephant Tango Writers: B. Landes 21 May 1955 Cyril Stapleton
Elevation Writers: Paul Hewson [=Bono]/David Evans [=The Edge]/Larry Mullen Jr/Adam Clayton 21 Jul 2001 U2
Elizabethan Reggae Writers: Binge 10 Jan 1970 Boris Gardiner
Eloise Writers: Paul Ryan 19 Oct 1968 Barry Ryan
    01 Feb 1986 Damned
Elusive Butterfly Writers: Bob Lind 05 Mar 1966 Bob Lind
    12 Mar 1966 Val Doonican
Embarrassment Writers: Michael Barson/Lee Thompson 15 Nov 1980 Madness
Emma Writers: Errol Brown/Tony Wilson 09 Mar 1974 Hot Chocolate
Emotion Writers: Barry Gibb/Robin Gibb 17 Nov 2001 Destiny's Child
Emotional Rescue Writers: Mick Jagger/Keith Richard 28 Jun 1980 Rolling Stones
Emotions Writers: 01 Apr 1961 Brenda Lee
Emperor's New Clothes Writers: 14 Jul 1990 Sinead O'Connor
Empty Rooms Writers: 04 Aug 1984 Gary Moore
Empty Souls Writers: James Dean Bradfield/Sean Moore/Nicky Wire [=Nicky Jones]   Manic Street Preachers
Enchanted Lady Writers: 19 Nov 1988 Pasadenas
Encore Une Fois Writers: Thomas Alisson/Ralf Kappmeier/Sasha Lappessen 01 Feb 1997 Sash!
End Is The Beginning Is The End Writers: Billy Corgan 07 Jun 1997 Smashing Pumpkins
End Of The Line Writers: Paul Begaud 12 Dec 1998 Honeyz
End Of The Road Writers: L. A. Reid [=Antonio Reid]/Babyface [=Kenny Edmonds]/Daryl Simmons 29 Aug 1992 Boyz II Men
End Of The World Writers: Sylvia Dee/Arthur Kent 09 Mar 1963 Skeeter Davis
Endless Writers: G. Venis/R. Elman 30 Oct 1954 Dickie Valentine
Endless Love Writers: Lionel Richie 05 Sep 1981 &
    10 Sep 1994 &
Endless Sleep Writers: Jody Reynolds/Dolores Nance 05 Jul 1958 Marty Wilde
Endlessly Writers: Brook Benton 04 Jul 1959 Brook Benton
Engine Engine No.9 Writers: 29 May 1965 Roger Miller
England Swings Writers: Roger Miller 11 Dec 1965 Roger Miller
England's Irie Writers: Shaun Ryder/Paul Leveridge/McCarthy/Danny Saber/Keith Allen/Joe Strummer/Norris 22 Jun 1996 &
English Country Garden Writers: traditional/Robert Jordan 09 Jun 1962 Jimmy Rodgers
Enjoy The Silence Writers: Martin Gore 10 Feb 1990 Depeche Mode
      Depeche Mode
Enjoy Yourself Writers: Walter Murphy/G. Williams 06 Feb 1999 A+
Enola Gay Writers: George McClusky 27 Sep 1980 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Enter Sandman Writers: James Hetfield/Lars Ulrich/Kirk Hammett 03 Aug 1991 Metallica
Entry Of The Gladiators Writers: Julius Fucik 18 Mar 1961 Nero & The Gladiators
Erase/Rewind Writers: Tore Johansson/Nina Persson 27 Feb 1999 Cardigans
Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West) Writers: Benny Hill 06 Nov 1971 Benny Hill
Erotica Writers: Madonna Ciccone/Shep Pettibone 10 Oct 1992 Madonna
Escape Writers: Enrique Iglesias 18 May 2002 Enrique Iglesias
Escaping Writers: Blue/Smith/Dina Carroll/Nigel Lowis 21 Sep 1996 Dina Carroll
Especially For You Writers: Pete Waterman/Matt Stock/Mike Aitken 03 Dec 1988 &
    19 Dec 1998 Denise & Johnny
Eternal Flame Writers: Susanna Hoffs/William Steinberg/Thomas Kelly 28 Jan 1989 Bangles
    28 Jul 2001 Atomic Kitten
Eternally Writers: Charles Chaplin/Geoffrey Parsons/John Turner 15 Aug 1953 Jimmy Young
Eternity/The Road To Mandalay Writers: Robert Peter Williams/Guy Chambers//Robert Peter Williams/Guy Chambers 14 Jul 2001 Robbie Williams
Eton Rifles Writers: Paul Weller 27 Oct 1979 Jam
European Female Writers: Stranglers 25 Dec 1982 Stranglers
Evapor 8 Writers: Mark Archer/Chris Peat 04 Apr 1992 &
Eve Of Destruction Writers: P. F. Sloan 04 Sep 1965 Barry McGuire
Eve Of The War Writers: Jeff Wayne 02 Sep 1978 Jeff Wayne
Even After All Writers: Bacon/Quarmby/Finlay Quaye 06 Sep 1997 Finlay Quaye
Even Better Than The Real Thing Writers: Paul Hewson [=Bono]/David Evans [=The Edge]/Larry Mullen Jr/Adam Clayton 04 Jul 1992 U2
Even Flow Writers: 11 Apr 1992 Pearl Jam
Even God Can't Change The Past Writers: Nowels/O'Dowd/Themis   Charlotte Church
Even More Party Pops Writers: medley 19 Nov 1960 Russ Conway
Even The Bad Times Are Good Writers: Peter Callander/Mitch Murray 29 Jul 1967 Tremeloes
Ever Blazin' Writers: Jason 'Jigzagula' Henriques/Henriques/Steven 'Lenky' Marsden/Stevens   Sean Paul
Ever Fallen In Love Writers: Peter Shelley 14 Mar 1987 Fine Young Cannibals
Evergreen/Anything Is Possible Writers: Cathy Dennis/Chris Braide//Jorgen Elofsson/Per Magnusson/David Kreuger 02 Mar 2002 Will Young
Everlasting Love Writers: James 'Buzz' Cason/Mac Gayden 30 Dec 1967 Love Affair
Everlasting Love Writers: Barry Gibb 05 Aug 1978 Andy Gibb
Everlasting Love Writers: James 'Buzz' Cason/Mac Gayden 07 Mar 1998 Cast From Casualty
Everlovin' Writers: Dave Burgess 11 Nov 1961 Rick Nelson
Evermore Writers: Gerry Levine/Paddy Roberts 25 Jun 1955 Ruby Murray
Every Beat Of My Heart Writers: Rod Stewart/Kevin Savigar 05 Jul 1986 Rod Stewart
Every Breathe You Take Writers: Sting 21 May 1983 Police
Every Day (I Love You More) Writers: Pete Waterman/Matt Stock/Mike Aitken 02 Sep 1989 Jason Donovan
Every Day Hurts Writers: Paul Young/John Stimpson 15 Sep 1979 Sad CafÈ
Every Day I Love You Writers: Frank J. Myers/Gary Baker/Jerry Williams 27 Nov 1999 Boyzone
Every Day Of My Life Writers: Jimmy Crane/Al Jacobs 25 Jun 1955 Malcolm Vaughan
Every Kinda People Writers: 13 May 1978 Robert Palmer
Every Little Step Writers: L. A. Reid [=Antonio Reid]/Babyface [=Kenny Edmonds] 13 May 1989 Bobby Brown
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Writers: Sting 17 Oct 1981 Police
Every Loser Wins Writers: Simon May/Stewart James/Bradley James 27 Sep 1986 Nick Berry
Every Morning Writers: Sugar Ray/David Kahne 22 May 1999 Sugar Ray
Every Time It Rains Writers:   Ace Of Base
Every Time You Go Away Writers: Daryl Hall 02 Mar 1985 Paul Young
Everybody Writers: Tommy Roe 21 Sep 1963 Tommy Roe
Everybody Writers: Stu Allan/Peter Pritchard/Bohannon 19 Aug 1995 Clock
Everybody Writers: Elloit/Danski/DJ Delmundo/Ciccone 11 Dec 1999 Progress Presents The Boy Wunda
Everybody Writers: Martin Harrington/Richard Stannard/Julian Gallagher/Ash Howes/Andrew Caine 01 Dec 2001 Hear'Say
Everybody (Backstreet's Back) Writers: Denniz Pop/Max Martin 26 Jul 1997 Backstreet Boys
Everybody Dance Writers: Nile Rodgers/Bernard Edwards 18 Mar 1978 Chic
Everybody Get Together Writers: Chester Powers [as Dino Valenti] 28 Feb 1970 Dave Clark Five
Everybody Get Up Writers: Jake Hooker/Alan Merrill/Five/Herbert Crichlow 05 Sep 1998 5ive
Everybody Gonfi-Gon Writers: Roberto Gallo Salsotto/Maurizio Braccagni 02 Jul 1994 Two Cowboys
Everybody Hurts Writers: Bill Berry/Peter Buck/Mike Mills/Michael Stipe 10 Apr 1993 REM
Everybody In The Place EP Writers: Liam Howlett 09 Jan 1993 Prodigy
Everybody Knows Writers: Les Reed/Barry Mason 28 Oct 1967 Dave Clark Five
Everybody Loves A Lover Writers: Richard Adler/Robert Allen 09 Aug 1958 Doris Day
Everybody Loves Somebody Writers: Ken Lane/Irving Taylor 22 Aug 1964 Dean Martin
Everybody Salsa Writers: 08 Aug 1981 Modern Romance
Everybody Wants To Rule The World Writers: Roland Orzabal/Ian Stanley/Chris Hughes 23 Mar 1985 Tears For Fears
Everybody Wants To Run The World Writers: Roland Orzabal/Ian Stanley/Chris Hughes 24 May 1986 Tears For Fears
Everybody's Changing Writers: Tim Rice-Coxley/Tom Chaplin/Richard Hughes   Keane
Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) Writers: Nigel Swanston/Tim Cox 31 Aug 1991 Rozalla
Everybody's Gonna Be Happy Writers: Ray Davies 20 Mar 1965 Kinks
Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime Writers: James Warren 17 May 1980 Korgis
Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime) I Need Your Loving Writers: James Warren 27 May 1995 Baby D
Everybody's Laughing Writers: Phil Fearon 07 Jul 1984 Phil Fearon & Galaxy
Everybody's Somebody's Fool Writers: Howard Greenfield/Jack Keller 13 Aug 1960 Connie Francis
Everybody's Talkin' Writers: Fred Neil 20 Sep 1969 Nilsson
Everyday Writers: 11 Sep 1993 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
    13 Nov 1965 Moody Blues
Everyday Writers: Neville Holder/James Lee 30 Mar 1974 Slade
Everyday Writers: Jon Bon Jovi/Richard Sambora/Carlsson 21 Sep 2002 Bon Jovi
Everyday I Love You Less And Less Writers: Kaiser Chiefs   Kaiser Chiefs
Everyday Is Like Sunday Writers: Steven Morrissey/Stephen Street 04 Jun 1988 Morrissey
Everyone's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) Writers: Tim Cox/Nigel Swanston 05 Jun 1999 Baz Luhrmann
Everyone's Gone To The Moon Writers: Kenneth King 24 Jul 1965 Jonathan King
Everything Writers: James Harris III/Terry Lewis/Ei/Nakamura 09 Aug 1997 Mary J. Blige
Everything About You Writers: Whitfield Crane/Klaus Eichstadt 09 May 1992 Ugly Kid Joe
Everything Changes Writers: Gary Barlow/Mike Ward/Eliot Kennedy/Gary Baylis 02 Apr 1994 Take That
Everything Counts Writers: Martin Gore 16 Jul 1983 Depeche Mode
Everything I Am Writers: Dan Penn/Spooner Oldham 13 Jan 1968 Plastic Penny
Everything I Do) I Do It For You Writers: Bryan Adams/Robert John 'Mutt' Lange/Michael Kamen 22 Jun 1991 Bryan Adams
Everything I Have Is Yours Writers: Burton Lane/Harold Adamson 17 Jan 1953 Eddie Fisher
Everything I Own Writers: David Gates 14 Sep 1974 Ken Boothe
    28 Feb 1987 Boy George
Everything Is Alright (Uptight) Writers: Stevie Wonder/Sylvia Moy/Henry Cosby/C. J. Lewis/Philip Pottinger 16 Jul 1994 C. J. Lewis
Everything Is Beautiful Writers: Ray Stevens 09 May 1970 Ray Stevens
Everything Must Change Writers: Paul Young/Ian Kewley 01 Dec 1984 Paul Young
Everything Must Go Writers: James Dean Bradfield/Sean Moore/Nicky Wire [=Nicky Jones] 27 Jul 1996 Manic Street Preachers
Everything's Alright Writers: Nicholas Crouch/John Conrad/Simon Stavely/Stuart James/Keith Karlson 21 Mar 1964 Mojos
Everything's Gonna Be Alright Writers: Johann Sebastian Bach/Tina Harris/Schmidt/Rosan 15 Aug 1998 Sweetbox
Everytime Writers: Britney Spears/Stamatelatos   Britney Spears
Everytime You Need Me Writers: Ramon Zenker/Dirk Duderstadt/Marco Duderstadt/Joen Friese 13 Jan 2001 &
Everytime/Ready Or Not Writers: Ben Adams/Christian Ingebrigtsen/Mark Read 13 Nov 1999 A1
Everywhere Writers: Christine McVie 26 Mar 1988 Fleetwood Mac
Evil Writers: Interpol   Interpol
Evil Hearted You/Still I'm Sad Writers: Graham Gouldman//Paul Samwell-Smith/James McCarty 09 Oct 1965 Yardbirds
Evil That Men Do Writers: Adrian Smith/Bruce Dickinson/Steve Harris 06 Aug 1988 Iron Maiden
Evil Woman Writers: Jeff Lynne   Electric Light Orchestra
Ev'rywhere Writers: Tolchard Evans/Larry Kahn 02 Jul 1955 David Whitfield
Excerpt From A Teenage Opera Writers: Keith West/Mark Wirtz 05 Aug 1967 Keith West
Exclusively Yours Writers: 03 Jun 1961 Mark Wynter
Excuse Me Baby Writers: 02 Jul 1966 Magic Lanterns
Ex-Factor Writers: Lauryn Hill/G. Grice/Alan Bergman/C. Woods/Marilyn Bergman/J. Hunter/Marvin Hamlisch/C. Smith/R. Diggs/L. Hawkins/D. Cole 20 Feb 1999 Lauryn Hill
Experiments With Mice Writers: traditional 16 Jun 1956 Johnny Dankworth
Express Yourself Writers: Madonna Ciccone/Stephen Bray 27 May 1989 Madonna
Extended Play EP (The Price Of Love/Shame Shame Shame/Heart On My Sleeve/It's Only Love) Writers: Don Everly/Phil Everly//Jimmy Reed/Benny Gallagher/Graham Lyle//John Lennon/Paul McCartney 31 Jul 1976 Bryan Ferry
Exterminate! Writers: Benito Benites/John Garrett III/Niki Haris 16 Jan 1993 &
Extraordinary Girl Writers: 26 May 1984 O'Jays
Eye Level Writers: Jack Trombey [=Jules Staffaro] 08 Sep 1973 Simon Park Orchestra
Eye Of The Tiger Writers: Jim Peterik/Frankie Sullivan 24 Jul 1982 Survivor
Eyes On You Writers: Jay Sean/Mikkel S. Eriksen/Hallgeir Rustan/Tor Erik Hermansen/Jobanputra   Jay Sean featuring Rishi Rich Project

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