Formed 2001, UK. The band were created around Tom Fletcher, who initially auditioned for Busted but lost out to Charlie Simpson.
Label: Universal
Musicians: Tom Fletcher (vcls, gtr); Danny Jones (gtr, vcls); Dougie Paynter (bs); Harry Judd (drms)
Producers: Hardy
Writers: Tom Fletcher/Danny Jones/James Bourne
MCSXD 40357 Five Colours In Her Hair   1-1-6-9-13-16-28-38-47-53-62-69 Pts: 178
    Tribute to actress Emily Corrie.  
Producers: Hugh Padgham
MCSXD 40364 Obviously   1-4-10-14-16-16-19-27-37-47-59-68-69 Pts: 135
Producers: Hugh Padgham/Hardy
MCD 60094 Room On The 3rd Floor LP   1-3-6-9-11-11-10-15-13-18-22-30-48-48-40-45-45-43-37-30-25-30-24-27-29-44 Pts: 180
    sales: 300000  
      52-61-71-xx-65-59-68-xx-46-35-46-62-69 Pts: 16
Musicians: Tom Fletcher (vcls, gtr); Danny Jones (gtr, vcls); Dougie Paynter (bs); Harry Judd (drms)
Producers: Hugh Padgham
Writers: Tom Fletcher/James Bourne
MCSXD 40378 That Girl   3-10-17-22-34-42-51-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-69 Pts: 58
Label: Island
Writers: Tom Fletcher/Danny Jones
MCSXD 40389 Room On The 3rd Floor   5-16-26-29-35-29-29 Pts: 46
      62 Pts: 1
Writers: Tom Fletcher
MCSTD 40409 All About You/You've Got A Friend   1-2-3-7-8-11-17-24-34-39-47-53-65 Pts: 189
    Original: You've Got A Friend - Carole King (Tapestry LP, 1971); sales: 200000; Charity single in aid of Comic Relief.  
Writers: Tom Fletcher/Danny Jones/Poynter
MCSXD 40428 I'll Be OK   1-8-15-27-41-49-58-54-54 Pts: 94
Writers: Tom Fletcher/Danny Jones/Poynter/Judd
MCSXD 40436 I Wanna Hold You   3-9-30-51 Pts: 45
Producers: Hugh Padgham/Power
MCDX 60099 Wonderland LP   1-6-15-23-37-41-41-40-31-39-49-60-61-63-57-50-57 Pts: 91
    sales: 100000  
  Ultraviolet/The Ballad Of Paul K   9-24-52 Pts: 19

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