Franz Ferdinand

Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Named after the Austrian archduke whose assassination was the catalyst for the First World War.
Label: Domino
Musicians: Alexander Kapranos [=Alex Huntley] (vcls); Nick McCarthy (gtr); Bob Hardy (bs); Paul Thompson (drms)
Producers: Tore Johansson
Writers: Alex Huntley/Nick McCarthy
RUG 172 CD Take Me Out   3-7-13-13-26-34-36-42-62 Pts: 71
Writers: Nick McCarthy/Alexander Kapranos/Bob Hardy
RUG 176 CD Matinee   8-16-26-38-43-57 Pts: 32
Producers: Tore Johansson/Franz Ferdinand
WIGCD 136 X Franz Ferdinand LP   3-6-13-16-23-37-35-36-29-19-17-10-10-10-16-16-23-35-40-27-12-11-17-19-19-19-13-14-19-15-10-12-21-20-20-27-34-30-36-45-42-41-43-43-41-35-10 Pts: 267
    sales: 1200000  
      5-5-13-13-4-4-7-21-23-23-29-33-37-47-50-44-44-50-63-58-53-68-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-62-65-56-57 Pts: 135
Producers: Costey/Franz Ferdinand
Writers: Franz Ferdinand
RUG 211 CDX Do You Want To   4-14-21-26-29-38-48-64-69-66-71-69 Pts: 54
WIGCD 161 You Could Have It So Much Better LP   1-5-9-15-24-41-53-54-44-40-40-37-24 Pts: 97
    sales: 300000  
Writers: Franz Ferdinand
RUG 215 CD Walk Away   13-34-48-59 Pts: 14

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