Boogie Pimps

Erfurt, Germany. Mark J. Klak owns the "Joue Joue" nightclub in Erfurt; Mirko Jacob was a disc jockey for a private radio station.
Label: Data
Musicians: Mark J. Klak; Mirko Jacob
Producers: Boogie Pimps
Writers: Grace Slick
DATA 61 CDS Somebody To Love   5-5-3-6-5-7-8-12-19-24-29-29-38-50-66 Pts: 163
    Original: Jefferson Airplane (May 1967)  
Writers: Bobby Hebb
DATA 67 CDX Sunny   10-19-27-36-46-74 Pts: 27
    Original: Bobby Hebb (Sep 1966)  

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