Electric Six

Formed 1997, Detroit, Michigan, USA. Formelry known as the Wildbunch.
Label: XL Recordings
Musicians: Dick Valentine (vcls); Surge Joebot (gtr); Rock'n'Roll Indian (gtr); Tait Nucleus (kbds); Disco (bs); M (drms)
Producers: Electric Six/Jim Diamond/Sutton/Damien Mendis/Bradbury
Writers: Spencer/Frezza/Nawara/Selph
XLS 151 CD2 Danger High Voltage 11 Jan 2003 2-9-11-15-22-32-40-46-61-62-62 Pts: 88
    From the film "Charlie's Angels" (2003).  
Label: XL
Musicians: Dick Valentine (vcls); Tait Nucleus (kbds); M (drms); Johnny Nashinal; The Colonel; Frank Lloyd Bonaventure
Producers: Damien Mendis/Bradbury
Writers: Spencer
XLS 158 Gay Bar 7 Jun 2003 5-16-24-32-33-41-53-54-57-70 Pts: 49
XLCD 169 Fire LP 5 Jul 2003 7-18-33-42-49-48-68-65-60-70 Pts: 30
    sales: 60000  

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