Gwen Stefani

. Singer with No Doubt.
Label: Interscope
Musicians: Gwen Stefani (vcls)
Producers: Hooper/various
2103177 Love Angel Music Baby LP   14-30-35-31-32-28 Pts: 24
    sales: 100000  
      18-10-15-20-21-11-15-22-12-7-7-7-8-11-15-8-7-4-6-9-6-8-16-14-15-21-15-17-21-19-19-22-24-16-17-22-31-43-53-61-70-56-59-63-71-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-68 Pts: 296
Producers: Hooper
Writers: Gwen Stefani/Linda Perry
9864986 What You Waiting For   4-8-11-10-12-14-11 Pts: 83
      15-17-29-45-66-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-75-72 Pts: 24
Producers: The Neptunes
Writers: Gwen Stefani/Pharrell Williams/Chad Hugo
9882326 Hollaback Girl   8-8-12-15-20-19-22-22-28-37-38-49-66-75 Pts: 79
Producers: Austin
Writers: Gwen Stefani/Austin
9884356 Cool   11-15-19-25-36-41-52-60-69-75 Pts: 38

Eve featuring Gwen Stefani

Label: Interscope
Musicians: Eve Jihan Jeffers (vcls); Gwen Stefani (vcls)
Producers: Swizz Beatz
Writers: Jeffers/Young/Elizondo/Storch/Jordan
497593 2 Let Me Blow Ya Mind 18 Aug 2001 4-5-7-7-11-15-20-24-30-38-44-60-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-106-96 Pts: 111
    sales: 233730; from the album Scorpion  

Gwen Stefani featuring Eve

Label: Interscope
Musicians: Gwen Stefani (vcls)
Writers: Batson/Bock/DioGuardi/Rene Elizondo Jr/Eve/Harnick/Kreviaz
9880219 Rich Girl   4-7-13-11-10-14-21-24-32-42-65-73 Pts: 93

Pharrell featuring Gwen Stefani

Label: Virgin
Producers: Pharrell Williams
Writers: Pharrell Williams
VUSCD 315 Can I Have It Like That   3-7-15-19-25-36-40-53-51 Pts: 70

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