Formed 1994, San Francisco, California, USA
Label: Columbia (Sony)
Musicians: Pat Monahan (vcls, tpt, sx, pcssn); Jimmy Stafford (gtr, vcls); Rob Hotchkiss (gtr, bs, hrmnca, vcls); Charlie Colin (bs, vcls); Scott Underwood (drms, kbds)
Producers: Brendan O'Brien
Writers: Train
6714472 Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me) 4 Aug 2001 10-15-19-18-23-27-35-45 Pts: 46
    sales: 96180  
Label: Columbia (CBS)
Producers: O'Brien
5023069 Drops Of Jupiter LP 11 Aug 2001 13-8-9-19-20-34-43-59-73-77-80-95-98-110-131-157-173-182-186-184 Pts: 48
    sales: 100000  

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