. [=Nick Bracegirdle]
Label: Xtravaganza
Musicians: Nick Bracegirdle (prod)
Producers: Nick Bracegirdle/Mike Hedges
XTRAV 10CD Behind The Sun LP 1 Apr 2000 10-11-21-39-46-47-58-64-96-87-98-91-120-161-165-116-118-116-116-137-151-187 Pts: 72
    sales: 100000  

Chicane & Bryan Adams

Label: Xtravaganza
Musicians: Bryan Adams (vcls); Nick Bracegirdle (prod)
Producers: Chicane/Mike Hedges
Writers: Nick Bracegirdle/Bryan Adams/Mike Hedges
XTRAV 9 Don't Give Up 11 Mar 2000 1-3-5-7-16-25-37-47-44-52-56-72-65-72-124-172-183-217-198 Pts: 162

Chicane & Maire Brennan of Clannad

Label: Xtravaganza
Musicians: Maire Brennan (vcls); Nick Bracegirdle (prod)
Producers: Chicane/Mike Hedges
Writers: Nick Bracegirdle/Mike Hedges/Clannad
XTRAV 112 Saltwater 29 May 1999 6-9-13-18-23-37-40-47-69-75-88-107-106-115-109-141-151-151-156-170-184-184-191-xx-xx-xx-xx-216-170-191-141-141 Pts: 84
    Original: Clannad; Based on Clannad's 'Theme From Harry's Game'.  
    15 Jan 2000 154-161-185-199-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-281-147-169  

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