Black Legend

Label: Eternal
Musicians: Elroy "Spoonface" Powell (vcls); Ciro Sassi (DJ); Enrico Ferrari (DJ)
Producers: Jackie Reverse/Enrico Ferrari
Writers: Barry White/Ray Parker Jr
WEA 282 You See The Trouble With Me 13 May 2000 62-60-52-54-65 Pts: 12
    Original: Barry White (Mar 1976); sales: 200000; Originally recorded with a Barry White sample, but the vocal was replaced after legal negotiations broke down.  
    17 Jun 2000 1-2-7-16-22-28-32-38-44-59-59-62-68-70-69-82-94-101-119-139-137-154-164-175-168-165-175-145-135 Pts: 161

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