Formed 1964, Los Angeles, California, USA. Walter and Wallace Scott are twins.
Label: Solar
Musicians: Walter Scott (vcls); Wallace Scott (vcls); Leaveil Degree (vcls); Marcus Hutson (vcls); Nicholas Caldwell (vcls)
Producers: Leon Sylvers III/Dick Griffey
Writers: Leon Sylvers III/Stephen Shockley/William Shelby
SO 1 And The Beat Goes On 26 Jan 1980 37-18-6-2-3-5-10-17-33-47-52-66 Pts: 253
    21 Mar 1987 52-45-48-60 Pts: 20
Producers: Whispers/Dick Griffey/Leon F. Sylvers III
Writers: William Shelby/Dana Meyers
SO 16 It's A Love Thing 7 Mar 1981 43-26-20-11-9-9-9-11-14-36-47 Pts: 180

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