Was Not Was

Formed 1980, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Label: Fontana
Musicians: Don Was [=Don Fagenson] (bs, mult-instr); Dave Was [=David Weiss] (kbds, mult-instr); Harry Bowens (vcls); Sweet Pea Atkinson (vcls); Dnald Ray Mitchell (vcls); Randy Jacobs (gtr); David McMurray (sx); Rayse Biggs (tpt); Debra Dobkin (pcssn)
Producers: Don Was/Dave Was/Paul Staveley O'Duffy
Writers: David Weiss/Don Fagenson/Randell Jacobs
WAS 3 Walk The Dinosaur 26 Sep 1987 65-38-18-12-10-10-18-21-38-58 Pts: 131
    from the album What's Up, Dog? (3/1988)  
Musicians: Ozzy Osbourne (vcls); Kim Bassinger (vcls)
Producers: Don Was/Dave Was
Writers: Don Was/Dave Was
WAS 11 Shake Your Head 4 Jul 1992 20-13-10-5-4-5-10-20-52 Pts: 134

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