Third World

Formed 1973, Jamaica. Stephen Coore and Michael Cooper were former members of Inner Circle.
Label: Island
Musicians: Stephen "Cat" Coore; Michael "Ibo" Cooper; Richard Daley; William "Bunny Rugs" Clarke (gtr); Irwin "Carrot" Jarrett; William Stewart
Producers: Chris Blackwell
Writers: Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff
WIP 6457 Now That We've Found Love 16 Sep 1978 41-27-18-10-11-12-25-37-55 Pts: 122
    2 Mar 1985 64-46-37-25-22-31-35-55 Pts: 62
Label: CBS
Musicians: Bunny Clarke (vcls); Michael Cooper; Stephen Coore
Producers: Third World
Writers: Bunny Clarke
A 1214 Dancing On The Floor 30 May 1981 64-38-31-27-25-13-12-10-10-12-17-24-38-60-67 Pts: 191

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