Terry Jacks

Vancouver, Canada. Former singer with the Poppy Family.
Label: Bell
Musicians: Terry Jacks (vcls, gtr)
Producers: Terry Jacks
Writers: Jacques Brel/Rod McKuen
BELL 1344 Seasons In The Sun 16 Mar 1974 20-3-1-1-1-1-3-9-20-24-38-47 Pts: 465
    Original: Jacques Brel; sales: 250000; Adapted from the French song 'Le Moribund'.  
BELL 1362 If You Go Away 22 Jun 1974 42-26-20-8-11-10-24-31-49 Pts: 129
    Original: Jacques Brel; Adapted from the French song ' Ne Me Quitte Pas'.  

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