Formed 1967, London, UK
Label: A&M
Musicians: Dave Cousins (vcls, gtr, bnjo); Arthur Phillips (mndln); Dave Lambert (gtr, vcls); Blue Weaver (kbds); John Ford (bs); Richard Hudson (drms)
Producers: Strawbs
Writers: John Ford/Richard Hudson
AMS 7047 Part Of The Union 20 Jan 1973 19-7-3-2-2-2-4-12-20-32-47 Pts: 351
    from the album Bursting At The Seams (Feb 1973)  
AMLH 68144 Bursting At The Seams LP 10 Feb 1973 28-2-2-4-6-7-17-21-34-49-50-50 Pts: 90

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