Sly & The Family Stone

Formed 1966, San Francisco, California, USA
Label: Direction
Musicians: Sly Stone [=Sylvester Stewart] (vcls, gtr, kbds); Freddie Stone [=Freddie Stewart] (gtr); Cynthia Robinson (tpt); Rosemary Stone [=Rosemary Stewart] (vcls, pno); Larry Graham (bs); Jerry Martini (sx); Greg Errico (drms)
Producers: Sly Stone
Writers: Sylvester Stewart
58 3568 Dance To The Music 22 Jun 1968 56-55-47-27-23-14-12-7-10-10-8-20-23-31-37-37-50 Pts: 233
    from the album Dance To The Music (9/68)  

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