Formed 1963, Queens, New York, USA. Mary and Betty Weiss are sisters; Mary-Ann and Marge Ganser are twin sisters. All members were students at the Andrew Jackson High School, New York.
Label: Red Bird
Writers: George 'Shadow' Morton
RB 10008 Remember (Walking In The Sand) 3 Oct 1964 45-32-31-29-26-18-14-15-23-29-42-42 Pts: 133
Musicians: Mary Weiss (vcls); Betty Weiss (vcls); Marge Ganser (vcls); Mary Ann Ganser (vcls)
Writers: Ellie Greenwich/George 'Shadow' Morton/Jeff Barry
RB 10014 Leader Of The Pack 16 Jan 1965 27-20-18-11-14-23-26-36 Pts: 112
    Original: Shangri-Las (Feb 1965)  
    7 Oct 1972 37-30-21-6-8-3-6-8-20-21-31-33-42 Pts: 241

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