Formed 1959, New York, USA. Veronica and Estelle Bennett are sisters, and cousins of Nedra Talley; Veronica Bennett married Phil Spector (1968-1974).
Label: London
Musicians: Veronica Bennett (vcls); Estelle Bennett (vcls); Nedra Talley (vcls)
Producers: Phil Spector
Writers: Phil Spector/Ellie Greenwich/Jeff Barry
HL 9793 Be My Baby 12 Oct 1963 32-18-11-6-5-4-8-11-21-29-38-41 Pts: 234
HLU 9826 Baby I Love You 11 Jan 1964 27-23-18-13-12-13-11-15-19-21-33-41-47 Pts: 188

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