Public Image Limited

Formed 1978, London, UK. John Lydon (as Johnny Rotten) was former singer with the Sex Pistols.
Label: Virgin
Musicians: John Lydon (vcls); Keith Levine (gtr); Jah Wobble [=John Wordle] (bs); Jim Walker (drms)
Producers: John Lydon
Writers: James Walke/John Lydon/Jah Wobble/Keith Levine
VS 228 Public Image 14 Oct 1978 21-13-9-11-17-21-59-68 Pts: 115
Musicians: John Lydon (vcls); Keith Levine (gtr); Jeanette Lee (kbds)
V 2189 Flowers Of Romance LP 11 Apr 1981 12-11-21-36-42 Pts: 22
Musicians: John Lydon (vcls)
Producers: Public Image Limited/Bob Miller
Writers: John lydon/Keith Levine
VS 5291 This Is Not A Love Song 10 Sep 1983 47-39-15-5-6-11-18-30-37-54 Pts: 155

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