Procol Harum

Formed 1967, Southend, Essex, UK. Gary Brooker, Robin Trower and B. J. Wilson were former members of the Paramounts.
Label: Deram
Musicians: Gary Brooker (vcls, org); Ray Royer (gtr); Matthew Fisher (org); Dave Knights (bs); Bobby Hairston (drms)
Producers: Denny Cordell
Writers: Keith Reid/Gary Brooker
DM 126 A Whiter Shade Of Pale 20 May 1967 21-4-1-1-1-1-1-1-4-7-10-17-23-30-35 Pts: 636
    sales: 250000; Based on Johann Sebastian Bach's "Air On A G String".  
    15 Apr 1972 49-40-32-26-22-14-15-13-20-29-39-43-45 Pts: 145
Label: Regal Zonophone
Musicians: Gary Brooker (vcls, org); Robin Trower (gtr); Matthew Fisher (org); Dave Knights (bs); B. J. Wilson (drms)
RZ 3003 Homburg 30 Sep 1967 34-9-6-9-7-9-14-19-28-32 Pts: 191
Label: Chrysalis
CHR 1080 Procol's Ninth LP 16 Aug 1975 38 Pts: 3

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