Guys & Dolls

Formed 1974, UK. Julie Forsyth is the daughter of television personality Bruce Forsyth.
Label: Magnet
Musicians: Dominic Grant (vcls); Paul Griggs (vcls); David Van Day (vcls); Thereza Bazar (vcls); Julie Forsyth (vcls); Martine Howard (vcls)
Producers: David Martin/Geoff Morrow
Writers: Chris Arnold/David Martin/Geoff Morrow
MAG 20 There's A Whole Lot Of Loving 22 Feb 1975 44-26-9-4-2-2-3-6-19-33-49 Pts: 300
Producers: Chris Arnold/David Martin/Geoff Morrow
Writers: Vicki Wickham/Simon Napier-Bell/Pino Donaggio
MAG 50 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 14 Feb 1976 45-29-12-9-5-6-15-21 Pts: 157
    Original: Dusty Springfield (Apr 1966); Adapted from the Italian song 'Lo Che Non Vivo'.  

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