Godley & Crème

UK. Kevin Godley and Lol Crème are former members of 10cc. Became directors of music videos and television commercials; "Howling At The Moon" was their first feature film.
Label: Polydor
Musicians: Lol Crème [=Lawrence Crème] (vcls, gtr, kbds, bs); Kevin Godley (drms, vcls)
Producers: Kevin Godley/Lol Crème
Writers: Kevin Godley/Lol Crème
POSP 322 Under Your Thumb 5 Sep 1981 64-30-11-6-4-3-8-15-24-40-71 Pts: 212
    from the album Isism (9/81)  
POSP 369 Wedding Bells 14 Nov 1981 48-26-21-10-8-7-8-11 Pts: 154
    from the album Isism (9/81)  
    16 Jan 1982 30-45 Pts: 16

10cc/Godley & Crème

Label: PROTV
Musicians: Eric Stewart (vcls, gtr, bs); Lol Crème [=Lawrence Crème] (vcls, gtr, kbds, bs); Kevin Godley (drms, vcls); Graham Gouldman (bs, vcls)
Producers: various
TGC 1 Changing Faces - The Very Best Of 10cc And Godley And Crème LP 22 Aug 1987 11-9-7-4-8-10-11-11-16-25-38-45-58-76-77-78-95-95 Pts: 82

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