Gladys Knight & The Pips

Formed 1952, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Gladys Knight b. 28 May 1944 was a former singer with the Morris Brown and Wings Over Jordan gospel choirs; brother of Merald Knight and cousin of the William Guest and Edward Patten.
Label: Tamla Motown
Musicians: Gladys Knight (ld vcls); Merald Knight (vcls); William Guest (vcls); Edward Patten (vcls)
Producers: Norman Whitfield
Writers: Roger Penzamene/C. Grant/Barrett Strong
TMG 604 Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me 27 May 1967 52-42-35-38-30-21-22-15-13-18-21-26-36-46-46-48 Pts: 165
Label: Buddah
Producers: Ralph Moss
Writers: Marvin Hamlisch/Alan Bergman/Marilyn Bergman
BDS 428 Try To Remember - The Way We Were 29 Mar 1975 48-37-37-34-32-22-11-5-4-5-7-9-19-24-34 Pts: 265
    Original: The Way We Were - Barbra Streisand; 'The Way We Were' is the Academy Award winning song for 1973 from the film 'The Way We Were'.  
BDLP 4030 I Feel A Song LP 17 May 1975 40-30-38-20-32-28-39-53-50-xx-xx-44-xx-43-xx-35-41-44 Pts: 43
    sales: 60000  
Musicians: Gladys Knight (ld vcls); Merald Knight (vcls); William Guest (vcls); Edward Patten (vcls)
Producers: Kenny Werner/Richie Wise
Writers: Jim Weatherly
BDS 432 Best Thing That Ever Happened 26 Jul 1975 50-30-20-15-7-9-9-17-23-37 Pts: 159
BDLH 5013 The Best Of Gladys Knight And The Pips LP 14 Feb 1976 22-22-13-17-20-11-22-21-23-25-15-12-14-9-9-10-6-7-13-12-17-20-20-18-21-21-26-15-16-17-11-22-24-29-35-36-45-xx-50 Pts: 186
Producers: Tony Camillo
Writers: Jim Weatherly
BDS 444 Midnight Train To Georgia 1 May 1976 48-30-24-18-10-11-16-28-39 Pts: 121
Producers: Van McCoy/Charles Kipps
Writers: Van McCoy
DBS 458 Baby Don't Change Your Mind 21 May 1977 33-22-21-14-7-5-4-5-6-7-21-25 Pts: 271
Label: K-Tel
NE 1004 30 Greatest LP 29 Oct 1977 57-21-9-9-4-3-4-4-4-4 Pts: 100
    14 Jan 1978 19-14-26-26-33-28-45-52-xx-xx-52-53-42 Pts: 37

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