Formed 1969, Detroit, Michigan, USA. George Clinton (b. 22 Jul 1940, Kannapolis, North Carolina) was raised in Newark, New Jersey; former member of Parliament.
Label: Warner Brothers
Musicians: George Clinton (vcls); Mike Hampton (gtr); Gary Shider (gtr); Bernard Worrell (kbds); Walter Morrison (kbds); Jerome Brailey (drms); Raymond Davis; Ron Ford; Mullin Franklin; Larry Fratangelo; Tyrone Lempkin; Bobby Lavis; Cordell Mosson; Calvin Simon
Producers: George Clinton
Writers: George Clinton/Gary Shider/Walter Morrison
K 17246 One Nation Under A Groove 2 Dec 1978 60-39-27-28-28 Pts: 42
    from the album One Nation Under A Groove (Dec 1978)  
    13 Jan 1979 9-13-15-22-42-58 Pts: 86

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