Family Stand

Formed 1987, New York, USA. Sandra St Victor (b. Dallas, Texas) is a trained opera singer and former session singer (Roy Ayers, Chaka Khan). Jeffrey Smith played sessions for James Ingram, Stephanie Mills, Carly Simon, Freddie Jackson, Kenny G and Kashif.
Label: Atlantic
Musicians: Sandra St Victor (vcls); Jeffrey Smith (sx); Peter Lord (vcls, kbds)
Producers: Peter Lord
Writers: Peter Lord/Sandra St Victor/Vernon Smith
A 7997 Ghetto Heaven 24 Mar 1990 24-13-13-12-10-10-12-17-19-37-57 Pts: 182
    Remixed by Jazzie B and Nellee Hooper.  
    10 Jan 1998 52-77-123-188 Pts: 4

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