UK. Bernard Sumner is singer, guitarist with New Order; Johnny Marr was former guitarist with the Smiths.
Label: Factory
Musicians: Bernard Sumner (vcls, gtr); Johnny Marr (gtr)
Producers: Bernard Sumner/Johnny Marr
Writers: Bernard Sumner/Johnny Marr
FAC 2877 Get The Message 20 Apr 1991 14-9-8-9-22-33-48 Pts: 78
    from the album Electronic (5/1991)  
FACT 290 Electronic LP 1 Jun 1991 2-6-17-20-22-30-37-51-54-59-54-63-61-71-xx-71-xx-72 Pts: 139
Label: Parlophone
Musicians: Johnny Marr (gtr); Bernard Sumner (gtr); Neil Tennant (vcls)
Producers: Johnny Marr/Bernard Sumner/Neil Tennant
Writers: Johnny Marr/Bernard Sumner/Neil Tennant
R 6311 Disappointed 27 Jun 1992 6-8-23-40-51 Pts: 54
    from the film 'Cool World'  
Musicians: Bernard Sumner (vcls, gtr); Johnny Marr (gtr)
CDPCS 7382 Raise The Pressure LP 13 Jul 1996 8-19-27-43-59-133-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-137 Pts: 49
    sales: 60000  
S 201462 Twisted Tenderness LP 1 May 1999 9-30-58-136-196 Pts: 31

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