Deniece Williams

USA. b. 3 Jun 1951; formerly singer with Wonderlove, Stevie Wonder's backing group.
Label: CBS
Musicians: Deniece Williams [=Deniece Chandler] (vcls)
Producers: Maurice White/Charles Stepney
Writers: Deneice Williams/Susaye Green/Hank Redd/Nathan Watts
CBS 4978 Free 26 Mar 1977 35-20-15-4-3-1-1-2-7-19 Pts: 373
Label: Arista
Writers: Deneice Williams/Clarence McDonald/Lani Groves/Fritz Basket
ARIST 638 That's What Friends Are For 23 Jul 1977 42-30-19-10-8-8-9-11-10-31-39 Pts: 191
Label: CBS
Producers: George Duke
Writers: Dean Pitchford/Eric Carmen
A 4319 Let's Hear It For The Boy (from 'Footloose') 21 Apr 1984 85-41-18-8-3-2-2-9-16-26-38-51-62-xx-75-87 Pts: 280
    sales: 250000  

Johnny Mathis & Deneice Williams

Label: CBS
Musicians: Johnny Mathis (vcls); Deneice Williams (vcls)
Producers: Jack Gold
Writers: Nat Kipner/John Vallins
CBS 6164 Too Much Too Little Too Late 18 Mar 1978 39-27-20-10-7-5-4-3-4-6-16-32-44-69 Pts: 301

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