Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers

Formed 1961, UK. Cliff Bennett b. 4 Jun 1940 (Reading, Berkshire).
Label: Parlophone
Musicians: Cliff Bennett (vcls); Dave Wendells (ld gtr); Maurice Groves (sx); Sid Phillips (sx); Roy Young (kbds); Bobby Thompson (bs); Mike Burt (drms)
Producers: John Burgess
Writers: Bert Berns /Norman Meade
R 5173 One Way Love 26 Sep 1964 42-29-23-15-9-12-14-22-31 Pts: 133
Musicians: Cliff Bennett (vcls); Maurice Groves (sx); Sid Phillips (sx); John Golden (tpt); Roy Young (kbds); Chas Hodges (bs); Mike Burt (drms)
Writers: John Lennon/Paul McCartney
R 5489 Got To Get You Into My Life 6 Aug 1966 49-35-23-18-15-6-9-15-23-31-40 Pts: 159
Label: Music For Pleasure
MFP 1121 Drivin' You Wild LP 8 Oct 1966 28-25-28 Pts: 12

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