Manchester, UK. Group members are sisters and daughters of session singer Christine Higgins.
Label: WEA
Musicians: Cleopatra Higgins (ld vcls); Zainam Higgins (vcls); Yoneh Higgins (vcls)
Producers: Damien Mendis/Bradbury
Writers: Cleopatra/Tim Scrafton/Kenny Hayes
WEA 133 Cleopatra's Theme 7 Feb 1998 3-8-13-19-23-33-45-55-70-71-87-119-139-136-141 Pts: 91
Producers: Dennis Charles/Ronnie Wilson
Writers: Cleopatra Higgins/Zainam Higgins/Yonah Higgins/Paul Hall/Steve Eastman/Christian
WEA 159 Life Ain't Easy 9 May 1998 4-6-10-21-38-45-62-76-92-96-98-83-77-168 Pts: 87
Producers: Dennis Charles/Ronnie Wilson/Damien Mendis/Lavelle
3984233562 Comin' Atcha! LP 30 May 1998 20-36-53-72-91-183-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-146-120-84-84-139-188 Pts: 23
    sales: 60000  
Producers: Shaun LaBelle
Writers: Freddie Perren/Alphonso Mizell/Berry Gordy Jr/Deke Richards
WEA 172 I Want You Back 15 Aug 1998 4-11-17-24-36-46-64-80-78-98-108-109-102-83-148-xx-xx-xx-xx-301-186 Pts: 72
    Original: Jackson Five (Feb 1970)  

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