Carl Douglas

UK. b. Jamaica, educated in Britain. Wrote the score for the Richard Rowntree film 'Embassy'.
Label: Pye
Musicians: Carl Douglas (vcls)
Producers: Biddu
Writers: Carl Douglas
7N 45377 Kung Fu Fighting 10 Aug 1974 42-29-9-4-2-1-1-1-4-14-32-37-49 Pts: 442
    sales: 500000  

Bus Stop & Carl Douglas

Label: All Around The World
Musicians: Carl Douglas (vcls); Mark Hall (prod); Graham Turner (prod)
Producers: Hall/Turner
Writers: Carl Douglas
GLOBE 173 Kung Fu Fighting 16 May 1998 13-12-11-8-14-19-25-33-35-44-63-87-99-152-179 Pts: 103
    Original: Carl Douglas (Aug 1974)  

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