Busta Rhymes

Brooklyn, New York, USA. b. 20 May 1972; former rapper with Leaders Of The New School.
Label: Elektra
Musicians: Busta Rhymes (rap)
Producers: Rashad Smith
Writers: Rashad Smith/Smith/MacDermot
EKR 220 Woo-Hah!! Got You All In Check 2 Mar 1996 178-187-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-8-17-24-32-43-59-71-91-97-112-93-113-93-116-194 Pts: 52
Producers: Busta Rhymes/Splif Star
Writers: Rashad Smith/Larsen/Phillips
E 3847 Turn It Up/Fire It Up 11 Apr 1998 2-2-8-16-20-28-34-52-68-72-100-102-140-114-102-177-181 Pts: 134
    sales: 200000  
Producers: DJ Scratch
Writers: Rashad Smith/Spivey
E 3782 Gimme Some More 23 Jan 1999 5-14-27-45-60-72-86-113-127-143-126-112-166-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-267-173-197 Pts: 50

B Real, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J & Method Man

Label: Atlantic
Musicians: B Real (rap);Busta Rhymes (rap); Coolio (rap); LL Cool J (rap); Method Man (rap)
Writers: Louis Freeze/Jean Claude Olivier/T. Smith/Samuel J. Barnes/Clifford Smith
A 5449 Hit 'Em High (The Monstar's Album) 29 Mar 1997 8-13-24-35-52-72-93-106-115-125-126-171-134-181 Pts: 47

MOP featuring Busta Rhymes

Label: Epic
Producers: Doctor Period
Writers: Grinnage/Murray/Phihnan/Starling/Smith
6717882 Ante Up 11 Aug 2001 7-17-21-33-43-52-63-78-65-88-112-119-120-xx-xx-121-147-173 Pts: 40

Busta Rhymes & Janet

Label: Elektra
Musicians: Janet Jackson (vcls); Busta Rhymes (vcls)
Producers: Darell 'Delite' Allamby
Writers: Smith/Darrell 'Delite' Allamby/Antoinette Roberson
E 3762 What's It Gonna Be?! 24 Apr 1999 6-10-20-28-40-50-67-80-92-111-135-104-92-190 Pts: 65

Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey

Label: J
Producers: Rick Rock
Writers: T. Smith/W. Lewis/R. McNair/L. Jones/R. Fisher/R. Thomas
8287652829 2 I Know What You Want 31 May 2003 3-3-4-8-7-11-17-21-24-30-38-51-65 Pts: 142

Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes

Label: A&M
Producers: Green
Writers: Callaway/Smith
9885052 Don't Cha   44-1-1-1-2-3-3-5-6-6-8-12-12-17-24-32-40-23 Pts: 385
    sales: 200000  

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