Box Tops

Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Label: Stateside
Musicians: Alex Chilton (vcls, gtr); John Evans (org); Gary Talley (gtr); Bill Cunningham (bs, pno); Danny Smythe (drms)
Producers: Dan Penn
Writers: Wayne Thompson
SS 2044 The Letter 9 Sep 1967 45-24-14-9-6-5-6-10-15-19-28-40 Pts: 229
    from the album The Letter - Neon Rainbow (1/68)  
Label: Bell
Musicians: Alex Chilton (vcls, gtr); Rick Allen (org); Gary Talley (gtr); Bill Cunningham (bs, pno); Tom Boggs (drms)
Writers: D. Penn/S. Oldham
BELL 1001 Cry Like A Baby 16 Mar 1968 42-39-24-23-17-15-15-17-19-22-38-49 Pts: 145

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