Beats International

Formed 1989, Brighton, Sussex, UK. Norman Cook was a former member of the Housemartins. Lindy Layton appeared in the BBC2 television children's drama series "Grange Hill".
Label: Go.Beat
Musicians: Linda Layton (vcls); Lester Noel (vcls); MC Wildski (rap); Andy Boucher (kbds); Norman Cook (bs)
Producers: Norman Cook
Writers: Norman Cook/James Harris III/Terry Lewis
GOD 39 Dub Be Good To Me 3 Feb 1990 15-3-2-1-1-1-1-5-10-20-24-32-60 Pts: 517
    Original: SOS Band; sales: 400000; Based on 'Just Be Good To Me' - SOS Band and 'Guns Of Brixton - Clash.  
Musicians: Billy Bragg (vcls); Norman Cook (DJ)
Writers: Norman Cook/Billy Bragg
GOD 43 Won't Talk About It 5 May 1990 18-10-9-11-19-35-54 Pts: 110

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