Average White Band

Formed 1972, Dundee/Glasgow, UK. Robbie Macintosh died from a drugs overdose (Sep 1974, Hollywood, Los Angeles).
Label: Atlantic
Musicians: Hamish Stuart (vcls, gtr); Alan Gorrie (vcls, bs); Onnie McIntyre (ld gtr); Robbie McIntosh (drms); Roger Ball (sx); Malcolm 'Molly' Duncan (tnr sx)
Producers: Arif Mardin
Writers: Nalcom Duncan/Robbie McIntosh/Roger Ball/Hamish Stewart/Alan Gorrie/Onnie McIntyre
K 10489 Pick Up The Pieces 15 Feb 1975 31-22-9-7-6-12-18-33-45 Pts: 156
    from the album Average White Band (7/74)  
K 50058 Average White Band LP 22 Feb 1975 44-13-7-11-6-19-29-24-28-31-27-38-44-48 Pts: 66
    sales: 60000  
K 50146 Cut The Cake LP 21 Jun 1975 42-27-33 Pts: 10

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