Formed 1969, London, UK. Rod Argent was former keyboards player for the Zombies; Russ Ballard and Robert Henrit were former members of Unit 4+2.
Label: Epic
Musicians: Rod Argent (kbds, vcls); Russ Ballard (vcls, gtr); Jim Rodford (bs); Bob Henrit (drms)
Producers: Rod Argent/Chris White
Writers: Rod Argent/Chris White
EPC 7786 Hold Your Head Up 26 Feb 1972 44-30-21-7-5-5-6-8-16-17-41-47 Pts: 228
    Original: Argent (Nov 1971); from the album All Together Now (4/72); Songwriter Chris White was a former member of the Zombies.  

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